Head coach weekly update

CLSARC_AllcomersDear all,

It’s been a busy few weeks for the club with various trials and competitions taking place. Firstly, congratulations to Niall Morris and Dan Middleton, improving as the trial went on at Boston for Junior GB trials, racing well on the Saturday finishing 49th out of 55, then the following day finished 40th out of 53. Eve Larsen and Lauren Irwin in their singles on Saturday finished 25th and 33rd respectively and in effect already qualifying for the next phase of trials, the girls then rowed in the double the following day finishing 13th out of 22. The boys will have to score well in their 2k tests and attend a second chance trial in April in Nottingham. Eve was also ranked 3rd fastest wj16 racing two years out of her category, and Lauren, who was ranked 3rd fastest bowsider in a trial at Dorney before Christmas looks to now move into her chosen discipline of sweep. Thanks must go to Brian Webb who shunned a family break to tow the trailer down.

The Hermitage session will run as normal tonight.

Congratulations must also go to Amy Fuller, rowing as Reading University winning a Gold Medal at the BUCS Champs on the Tyne, as well as Evie Harrison and Rachel MacMurtrie racing at Durham and Sunderland University also.

This weekend is the Junior Inter-regional Trials in Ashington (Cambois ARC). Please see below, the draw, our entries and directions if you’ve never been. Please make sure you are at Cambois at least 1hr 15 mins before your race time (times on the doc)

cambois rowing club

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Wayne Curry has put together a new system for collating entries and availability for Regattas. Please follow the link below and sign up please.

This form will be used to let your coaches and squad leaders know which events you are available for. Don’t worry if you’re unsure, simply complete what you can and come back later.

As the light starts to begin to stretch out beyond 5pm, we have the opportunity to allow more of the younger athletes on the water. Please see the instructions below to work out whether or not your child can attend training on that day:

  • Monday 5-6 water session j15 and above
  • Tuesday 5-6 water session j14 and above (j13’s may also attend to cox or erg from this time- Hermitage is a must)
  • Wednesday 5-6.45 j11-14 with Colin and Louise, they will decide when the water sessions start
  • Thursday 5-6 j14 and above water session (j13’s can still attend but will do ergs)

Please note that allowances will only be made for siblings attending at the same time. If your child has floats on, they will not go on the water until the coaches deems them safe enough, they will still be ergoing. As the light isn’t till 6 pm as yet, please ensure you are ready to be on the water at 5pm. The conditions may dictate that a j14 may not be on the water, as a result, they will erg.

Any questions about any of the above, please don’t hesitate to contact myself or any of the coaching team.