Head coach weekly update

12184170_1689221357959407_4120551446169839686_oDear all,

The session tonight for the boys is 2x 1k plus 4 x 500m in preparation for 2k tests later in the month.

Last weekend saw the club’s juniors at the Inter-regional Trials at Cambois. All crews raced well with the following being selected:

wj16 1x Eve Larsen, WJ162X Bobbi Forster and Anna Wilson, mj141x Max Wilson, with three crews likely to go through considering their speed going into another trial in a few weeks at Ponteland Head, mj152x Thomas Dowson and Mark Shaw, wj142x Shauna Forster and Sophie Carey and mj151x Joseph Adamson. Potentially, the club will have 6 crews selected which would be two more than any other club in the region…again.

The mj144x narrowly missed selection by 0.3 secs and the wj142x by .5 of a second. The wj142x’s of Rosie and Olivia in their first race at Cambois were only seconds from qualifying in both the quad and double. Megan Turner also doubled up with sub wj13 Emma Thornton again to row well but narrowly miss out. The wj14 4x of Carey, Foster, Palmer and Forrester also impressive, only a few seconds off beating a crew from DARC who have been far ahead all season. The womens j16 squad could have had their pick of events and crews winning and in effect beating crews that for their class, they shouldn’t, with Eve Larsen and Bobbi Forster again proving formidable on a national level. James Hunter in his first race beat a very impressive quad from QE only to miss out as a well-established crew from DARC beat them by a mere 4 seconds. Thanks to Kirsty Green who coxed well again and Amy Hall and Emma Thornton for subbing in at the last minute too.

Congratulations to Lauren Irwin and Eve Larsen for being invited to Spring Assessments or the GB Junior Squad and the WJ16 GB camp in Easter. Both should make final trials with Dan and Niall through the April GB regatta or automatically.

Good luck also to Lauren who has been selected for a womens u23/junior development 8 at the womens head of the river race in London this weekend.