Head coach weekly update

Dear all,

As most of you would have seen who have social media, the women’s pair of Bobbi Forster and Eve Larsen were selected to represent Great Britain at the GB vs France match in two weeks. After Eve raced in her single and narrowly missed out, she was rallied by her coach Arran and the team to join forces in the pair to pull off one of the best performances that anyone in red and blue has done all season in a field that contained some strong crews from prestigious clubs and schools throughout the country- many would say that this was a shock result but all of the people there on the day who knew the two girls knew something big was coming. Cliché coming up,
Never ever give up. The girls were well within their rights to not turn up and think they were beaten but they didn’t. I was in a meeting last night where the club was praised by people who were genuinely happy to see us do well. I think everyone at the club will be walking a little taller than usual at Talkin Tarn on Saturday.

The Hermitage session tonight will be 3x 2k rate 24 26 28. The boys are being tested at 6 at the club for their 2k time.


This Saturday there will be no session but back on Sunday after Talkin Tarn regatta. As Peter said bring insect repellent. The entries will be published tomorrow but the draw is below. There have been changes to the version which will be published on the Parents and Juniors FB page but something is better than nothing.

Finally, the club’s amended social media usage policy will be emailed out later this week.