Head coach weekly update

Dear all,

Firstly, please see attached a list of the regattas that the club will be attending this season along with which squads we are taking (Regattas 2017 v1).

We have had to tailor the list in relation to the following factors:

  • The sheer amount of athletes we now have and their needs (though we have more boats, we still need to get them to events)
  • The trailer space and amount of private boats we need to take. We have two trailers now and thankfully lots of fantastic people available o tow them, but as is the focus of our sessions, safety is paramount
  • How often and how much are athletes racing in relation to what we think is safe, too much racing for younger children no matter how successful often has a detrimental effect.
  • Geography
  • Overloading coaches and their spare time. It takes a great deal of effort to collate interest, devise a trailer plan, then entries and boats and blades that are appropriate. Regatta organisers often constrict the amount of times people can race and in sharing boats across divisions is impossible.
  • Parity. Is every squad getting a fair amount of race time. I think with this plan, they are.

British Championship crews will be decided after the Inter-regional regatta in a few weeks, though some coaches and squads may already be rubber stamped.

Congratulations to the junior girls squad last night as most achieved personal best 2k scores on the ergos.