Our club

Rowing brings together people from all walks of life and CLSARC put community at the heart of everything they do. This has never been so obvious as it is now, with a large contingent of young members and a vibrant group of people taking to the water, all year round.

Rowing has taken place on the Wear at CLS for nearly 200 hundred years, where generations of families have pulled together in all weathers, enjoying the social and competitive aspects of the sport.

As we come out of the pandemic, the CLSARC community is pulling together once again. Having weathered the unique storm that Covid inflicted, the club managed to maintain a fantastic following and, in fact, grew in membership as parents and children alike sought new ways to interact with others and the outdoors.

During all three lockdowns, the club pressed on and managed to keep sessions going throughout via Zoom. All of the ergos were loaned out to the members and the coaches ran sessions not only for members but for parents and younger brothers and sisters 6 days a week.The highlight of the sessions was the once weekly zoom circuit sessions with quest personal trainers and the older juniors running and demonstrating most on a Tuesday. For those members without ergos, there was also something on offer – using bikes, running and anything they could find in their front rooms. From 2021, the club saw a dramatic rise in members with our free learn to row courses taking place three days a week for adults and juniors. This was a huge undertaking but in early 2022, those new members are now more proficient and experienced, racing in their maiden events this year.

You can find out about our amazing history here and learn more about how the club has grown from a small outfit into the large dynamic group it is today; and you can join too.

CLS-ARC is an inclusive and welcoming club that allows anyone, no matter what level of fitness, to have a go. Getting on the water is an important part of it but it is more than that. It is a community of people who share in the success of others, watching young people grow in confidence, supporting the club in competitions and finally building friendships that spread beyond the confines of the riverbank.