Head coach weekly update

Dear all,

Firstly, the session for Hermitage tonight will be 3 x 2k rate 28 with 3 minutes rest.

Durham City Regatta took place last weekend and really showed how solid our club is from the younger end and also how dominant we are at with the older junior cohort. Individual sculling as well as good crews seems to be the order or the weekend…One coach also implied that we were ‘taking over’ with composites to which I replied,’we can do that because as a club (9 wins altogether):

What a day on Saturday… 4 category wins and a few unlucky races that could have doubled our haul today.

Jo Adamson kicked off racing for the club winning all 4 of his rounds to win the final against some strong but not strong enough boys in the j15 singles. Jordan Foster and Dean won their first races in mj15 2x, with Tyler ODonnell and Max Wilson narrowly missing out in later rounds.

A new composite quad with Andrew Cairns from Berwick ARC alongside Niall Morris, Jake Wood and Harry Graham beat Durham school in the opening round only then to lose out to the eventual winners of the event York City. Harry and Jake then tore through semis then a final in their double to win the event.

Niall Morris won the IM2 singles and with no opposition in their 4, Dan Middleton raced in the single. He won his opening race vs DARC then beat Tarn then York in the final.

Strong performances from the women’s j14 squad with the highlight being Molly Dowson making the final of wj14 1x.

One person who knows NE rowing well commented on how we ‘were a force as a club today’ … he’s right.

Four more wins on Sunday. Wj13 1x and 4x as well as the mj14 4x! The future as well as the present looks bright! The winners were:

  • wj13 4x Merlyn Hall, Amy Hall, Catlin Warren, Emma Thornton, cox Amy Snook
  • wj13 2x Caitlin Warren, Amy Hall
  • wj13 1x Caitlin Warren,
  • mj14 4x Max Wilson, Maximus Kelf-Vermeulen,Tyler O’Donnell, Aidan Roberts, cox Kirsty Green