Head coach weekly update

blade_clsarc_3Dear all,

Please see attached a copy of the entries and boats for Wansbeck on Saturday. There is also a link below to tell you what time races are. Any questions, please contact coaches.

The club are also racing at Hexham Regatta the week after Wansbeck and the entries have already been completed- entries to appear on FB page later today. Please also go on the link to show your availability for Durham Regatta on June 11th and 12th. The link can be found on the junior and senior Facebook Page, and also below.

The club had an amazing day on Saturday at Tees Regatta in testing conditions, managing to equal our record for the most wins in one day with 13. At various points during the day the commentators sounded us out as ‘having a purple patch’ at the club as we won 8 races in a row at one point. Again as I said in training the following day, every squad won at least 3 events and most got to finals; this bodes well for the season ahead as well as the British Rowing Championships. The list of all those who won is below (again, sorry if I’ve missed anyone, there were that many!)

  • wj16 1x Eve Larsen (Bobbi Foster 2nd)
  • wj16 2x Eve and Bobbi
  • mj181x Dan Middleton
  • wim2 2- Eve Larsen Bobbi Foster
  • wj14 4x+ Holly Littledyke, Molly Dowson, Sophie Carey, Shauna Foster cox Olivia Forester
  • wj14x Molly Dowson
  • mj182x Jake Wood Harry Graham
  • mj18x- Jake Wood Harry Graham Matthew O Donnell, Tom Barnes (QEHS)
  • MJ142X Max Wilson Aidan
  • mj152x Jordan Forster Dean
  • mj151x Joseph Adamson
  • wj13 1x Caitlin Warren
  • mj151x Jordan Forster

Fees for Wansbeck are also due this week, so please pay Bob, Lee or Simon in advance of Saturday.