Head coach weekly update

Tyne LDS and SBH

The regattas and sprints have now finished and the long distance sculling series is now looming. We have complied a list of crews for the first few events as they do tend to fill up quickly. Please make sure your children are prepared as the weather turns colder and conditions become more tricky to handle. Berwick and South Hylton are the two events that the juniors won’t be taking part in as traditionally they are the ones often cancelled as conditions are too bad.

Transport to Events

As the club becomes more full of boats, the need to transport your own boat may be more important as the club grows. The sculling series happens over 6 consecutive weekends and it would be greatly appreciated if you take your own child’s boat or car share. Please let me know if there is a problem.

Personal Training Qualification

Just as a reminder as Chris Telford posted a note to let people know that some coaches will be going through their level 3 in personal training over the next few months. The assessor, Dara, will be attending the Hermitage session today to see what we do with our circuits and discover what we need to do to improve. The qualifications will also assist the club with funding applications in the future. Dara will be running a session over the coming weeks also.

The Hermitage Session not on on 25th Sept

The session will take place at the club from 7-9 as usual as there is an open evening at The School.

— Steven