Club Re-opening15th August 2022

Following correspondence from British Rowing today, which was disappointing but not unexpected, the Club trustees, and officials, are pleased to confirm that the club will re-open, as planned, on August 15th.

The most significant part of our suspension, at this time, is that we will not be able to enter BR affiliated competitions, however, we will continue to follow British Rowing rules and guidelines, and all company and public liability insurances are still in place.

We can continue to train and prepare for when our suspension is lifted.

Session times and training plans

The session times and training plan will be issued on TeamApp very soon and the lead coaches – Arran Lewcock and Colin Wood, will outline the new session structure, safety arrangements and coaching plans.

Club Structure

The trustees/Directors and committee structure for the re-opening will be issued over the weekend.

Membership details update and Code of conduct signatures

The new code of conduct will be published on TeamApp in the coming days, and people wishing to remain a member of the club will be able to sign to say that they have read it, and will abide by it, when they complete their membership form update on, or prior to, the 15th August 2022. This will be a requirement for anyone wishing to remain a member of the club.

Members wishing to leave the club

As already stated, we hope that members stay at the club and give the new structure a chance to move the club forward, but we recognise that some may not wish to do so.

If anyone doesn’t want to remain a member, then the club will refund membership subs paid in August 2022, along with any racing deposit that is due.
For those who do not wish to reaffirm membership, and wish to leave the club, we genuinely wish you all the best with your rowing endeavors and the door will be open should you wish to return at a later date.

Anyone wanting to cancel their membership should contact