Month: March 2018

Head coach weekly update

Busy time last weekend with junior representation in two events and sessions at the club, several wins at Ponteland Head, Eve Larsen and Joseph Adamson at GB Spring assessments, our Regatta is almost on us and we need your help, Regatta T-shirts are available and please complete your child’s availability for this week, if you haven’t already

Juniors going to GB camp, Ponteland head this weekend, junior learn to row sessions start on Sunday, please help with our fundraising efforts and look out for the availability sheet for the Spring/Summer regatta season

Head coach weekly update

Four of our juniors taking part in the Varsity boat races on Saturday, preparations for our regatta hampered by the weather but there’s still the ergos! Complete the availability for the Ponteland head, Tesco blue tokens have started again so collect yours for the club and junior learn to row coming soon

Head coach weekly update

Two juniors nominated for junior assessments in Nottingham, sessions this evening at the club and Hermitage, assessor for study that Holly is arranging will be here soon and we’re arranging a Spring learn to row course

Spring junior learn to row

We are running a junior learn to row course, starting 25 March and finishing on 16 May.