Head coach weekly update

Dear all,

The club managed to spread itself out to three different postcodes this weekend with juniors racing at Ponteland Head, GB Team Spring trials and coaching sessions the club. There were three wins at Ponteland Head, with Bobbi Forster winning the wj184x and 1x, and Sophie Allison winning the wj15 1x. The team decided to split the day with JIRR athletes training at the club to allow those who aren’t going to race along with those younger juniors who, again were racing out of their age category and performing exceptionally well.

Eve Larsen and Joseph Adamson participated in GB Spring assessments in Nottingham from Saturday to Tuesday in an effort to see if they were to be selected to represent GB at the Munich Regatta in May. Both athletes have seat raced really well and those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s probably the toughest mental and physical test you can have in rowing. The races are still taking place as we speak but they have performed exceptionally well and should get some sort of GB representation either at Munich or in the summer. Both raced well against clubs like Tideway Scullers, Eton, Headington School, Westminster to name a few…

The Regatta organising committee are keen to get volunteer’s names on the sign-up sheet at the front of the boathouse for the event on the 14th April. Parents and everyone (seniors) putting a blade in the water and racing MUST sign-up for a job that lasts at least two hours. (Yes, I used caps lock in anger just now…) If the sheet isn’t full there won’t be a regatta. Jobs involve standing on the bank watching crews and shouting if they look like they are going to crash and being handed bacon sandwiches and tea to eat and drink.

Regatta T-shirts now on sale. £8.50 each. See Bob Young. I will be wearing mine tonight for the session if anyone wants to see how yellow they are.

Please complete your child’s availability for sessions as below:- thanks

Many thanks