Head coach weekly update

Dear all,

The session at the Hermitage tonight will run as usual at the same time.

The Durham Small Boats Head takes place on Saturday 6th and crews must be at DARC at least 1 hour before their boating time. The crews and fees to be paid are attached so please pay Simon Adamson as soon as possible. The link to the draw and how to find the location for the race is below:

There are some significant movements both on and off the water as the boathouse plans have moved to the next stage, with the case to review ownership of the building now being transferred to Assets as the Council have suggested that we can have part of the building. The next step is complete ownership and therefore the ability to plan and develop the building. We have four candidates forward for the next round of Junior Great Britain Trails in February and it seems as though on both fronts the club is driving forward.

A reminder that we have our Regatta on 16th of April and a request for help from parents and members from our regatta secretary (email address CC’D above, Mr Brian Webb). Many thanks to those who have already volunteered.

Finally, after Rutherford Head II was abandoned by most members of the club, two managed to race and win; congratulations to Rachel Lombard and Angela Harrison on wining in the Womens Masters Quad.

Many thanks,