Head coach weekly update

Dear all,

The ergs session for the boys tonight will be 30 mins rate 22-24.

We have amended the winter training timetable in an effort to streamline some sessions in an effort to accommodate the numbers at the junior end of the club (basically, they are all getting better and we need to make sure they are pushed). The changes are attached and they only really affect the wj15 squad.

There seems to be a lot of illness, as you would expect this time of year, so as we are all athletes, we tend to need more vitamins and fuel that we burn off during sessions. Please make sure you eat as well as you can and hydrate, despite it being cold, as well as increase vitamin C intake, oranges etc, whenever you can, to protect against colds. And when you come training, make sure you wrap up as best you can.

The plans for the new year are happening as we speak and coaches are rubber-stamping crews for the junior inter regional trials in February, so if you haven’t, please fill in the link for the event as well as the capsize drill.

Good luck to Joseph Adamson and Eve Larsen who both go to Spain on Thursday for the GB junior squad camp.