Head coach weekly update

Dear all,

Please note that the Hermitage will be closed on Tuesday 26th September for maintenance though there will be a session as normal at the club at 7pm.

As most of you know the annual club presentation evening takes place this Friday and we still need prizes for the raffles, so please could everyone attempt to help out and bring something either on the night or ideally on Thursday to give to either Kay Hall or Lynne Warren. Also, it would be great if you could give Kay the remaining balance for tickets prior to Friday as the venue needs to be paid for in advance, as well as the food etc; it should be a brilliant night, any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

The clubs Autumn Regatta for j14 rowers and below takes place on Saturday 23rd September so please complete the link below or if you have only recently started to row and are 15, complete it anyway and we will try to get you a race, again, this should be an excellent event with various others clubs attending too as a means to introduce new members to racing.

Congratulations to those athletes who raced on Sunday at the first NUBC Head for singles with the club managing wins and the VL again…The talk on the bank amongst other coaches is that our club has some very talented athletes up and coming and already established.

Lauren Irwin’s year has seen her represent GB three times and win her first international medal this week at the European Championships. Soon we will see, like there are many at other clubs, a banner saying, ‘CLSARC Home of Lauren Irwin.’

As a coach it is hard to let go. But we must say farewell to some of the best crop of athletes we have ever had at my time at CLS. Jake Wood, Dan Middleton and Niall Morris all move on to university and look to take on some CLS magic to their respective rowing squads in the coming months, remember boys, don’t be strangers.

Some exciting news that actually is related to rowing and not, but something that has come as a result of tireless work from members that have, with the help of CLS Council and the support of councillors, managed to get permission to develop the club and existing boathouse over the carpark. All we need is the funding, which already looks promising, but if anyone can help in any way, please see Bob Young. This you may think is the hard part, but those who have known the difficulty getting this far believe this bit will be straightforward with the same amount of effort.

Many thanks to Holly Young for organising the junior feedback forum on Tuesday, there are some very helpful insights into opinions on sessions etc and there are some very simple changes we will make to help with most.

Please see the sculling series availability link on the FB page as in just over a month, the first race will be upon us. Again, the link is below.

Finally, just to let you know that Gordon Clark is on leave until 18 September, so if you need assistance please speak to another member of the coaching team.