Year: 2016

National recognition for club

CLSARC pick up Coaching Team (winner) award at British Rowing 2016 Volunteer and Coach of the Year Awards

New WADA Prohibited List from January 2017

The new World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) prohibited list will come into effect on the 1st January 2017. British Rowing has adopted the UK Anti Doping Agency (UKAD) anti doping rules, so it’s the responsibility of everyone in the sport, especially athletes and coaches to ensure they are up to date with what is on the list and to ensure we keep the sport clean

Another weekly update

Capsize drill moved to 21 December, Windermere camp is full, don’t forget to register for the bag pack and slight change to the Christmas timetable

Head coach weekly update

Great technical improvements over the last couple of weeks, especially for the juniors, please register for the capsize drill on 14 December, the corridor has been painted by Colin and Arran, and space has been cleared next to the ergo room, and thanks to Kay Hall and her team of caterers for the bacon sandwiches on a Sunday morning

Head coach weekly update

Hermitage tonight, naming ceremony for our new single last Sunday, busy month ahead – Christmas party, capsize drill, bag pack – provide your availability for the junior inter-regional trials and Christmas closure times for the club

Head coach weekly update

Weekend sessions back on the water, we’re working hard to improve our facilities, a new single arrived last week, Hermitage session tonight, good luck to Bobbi Forster, Dan Middleton and Andrew Cairns this weekend at GB testing and a reminder for our Christmas party and the bag pack at Sainsburys in December

Head coach weekly update

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the LDS series, we’ve won the junior prize, please sign up for the bag pack in December, Rutherford head on 26 November and congratulations to Dan Middleton, Eve Larsen, Bobbi Forster and Andrew Cairns (Berwick, adopted CLS arc :)) have all achieved the GB erg cut-off and will trial over 5k at Boston a week on Saturday.

Durham times tomorrow

Please meet at DARC tomorrow, no later than 7.40am for the first division (race 9am) and 10am for the second division (race 11am)

Head coach weekly update

Final LDS of the series this weekend, Julie Lewcock is to be given the position of joint President of CLSARC alongside Bob Heywood, Rutherford Head entries closed, request for CLSARC rowing kit no longer needed and Hylton LDS success last weekend

Head coach weekly update

Some fantastic results at Tyne last Saturday, this weekend we race at Hylton Head then the weekend after at Durham for the last head race of the series and please complete your availability for Rutherford Head