Our club is coached by an experienced and enthusiastic team of volunteers who dedicate time to developing the rowing of children and adults from a variety of backgrounds both in and around the local area.

As a club, if you choose to come down at any time during the day, you will probably find someone rowing or coaching a session. We have sessions to suit even the most hectic of lifestyles with a family membership and associate memberships offered.

We have a boathouse full of boats, with a good mixture of eights, fours/quads, doubles and singles. With special thanks to Durham County Council, we now have access to a rowing machine training room with 15 concept 2 rowing machines as well as a strength and conditioning equipment.

Our coaches also have the use of two coaching launches which provides much needed confidence on the cold mornings and is an excellent tool for videoing and close coaching. The use of the video feedback facility is also very beneficial for all athletes in aiding development.