For further details on becoming a member, please contact the membership secretary at

What does it cost to be a member of our club?

Current fees are:

Type Membership eligibility Annual Monthly
Associate Member Any non-rowing member £36 £3.00
Junior Member Any member eligible to row at BR Junior Level £168 £14.00
Adult Member Adult rowing member £216 £18.00
Family Membership Up to two adults plus any full time students or juniors, living at the same address £384 £32.00
Student Membership Any adult member studying full time £72 £6.00
Racking Fee One boat per full rowing member (junior or senior) up to two per family membership £75 per seat £6.25

For info on the benefits of becoming a member of British rowing use the following link

Membership forms can be found on the Forms section of the Club Documents page.

Regatta Fees

Regatta fees vary between £5 per seat to £14 per seat based upon junior / senior age groups and the individual regatta organisers costs – smaller clubs charge less than larger clubs and National events cost more than local events.

A Traillerage fee of £3 per person competing is also charged for Northern Region events. Charges for other events is available here.

There is also a £20 refundable deposit that must be paid by every member who wants to compete in regattas. This will be returned when the member leaves the club, or no longer wants to compete.

Fees are paid by the club prior to race entry and members are expected to pay their entry fee within one week of entry confirmation, failure to do so causes major cash flow problems for the club.